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37 Postcards

BY Michael McKeever

PERFORMANCES: February 15-17, 22-24 and 28, March 1-3, 7-10, 14-16, 17*

*denotes a dessert only matinee at 2:00pm

In this heartfelt comedy about the stresses of family life, we meet Avery Sutton, a prodigal son who has finally decided to return to the chaos of his wealthy family. In tow is his new fiancé Gillian, a beautiful but terribly normal girl who will have to help Avery brave his family’s oddities. What they walk into is even worse than could have been expected. Avery’s aunt is running an adult hotline, his mother seems to be losing what’s left of her mind, and Nana may not be as dead as everyone believed for the last five years. Over the course of a few short days, Avery is forced to confront oddities, insecurities, and what being a part of a family truly means. This is a show sure to make you laugh and think.