Volunteers Needed

Olde Towne has a great opportunity for YOU! We are always looking for volunteer servers for our productions. The tasks are not difficult and experience is not required. Individuals, couples, families or groups are welcome! It’s a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and help Olde Towne provide the quality entertainment that our audiences have grown accustomed to enjoying. 

Servers are welcome to feast on our great food and are invited to watch the play. Volunteering is a rewarding experience and we are always looking for volunteers for various projects around the theatre as well. Make plans now to give Olde Towne the help it needs because we’d be in a real crunch without you. Sign up online when the link is available below, or you can call 605-372-4653 to schedule a night of fun and service at Olde Towne.

What Do Volunteers Do?

    • Arrive at the theater at 5:45 PM Thursday – Friday or 4:45 PM on Saturdays & Sundays. If you will be late please let the Executive Director know.
    • Report to the kitchen area and a House Manager will guide you through the volunteer process.
    • Take the guest’s order (salad dressing and meat choice).
    • Serve the soup and clear the dishes when complete.
    • Serve the salad and clear the dishes when complete.
    • Serve the entrée and clear the dishes when complete.
    • During intermission, serve the dessert and clear the dishes when complete.
    • After the show, clear all the tables.
    • Serve coffee to the guests prior to the show.
    • Serve coffee to the guests during intermission.
    • Keep water pitchers at tables filled.
    • Help Table Servers as needed.
    • After the show, clear all the tables.
    • Report to Executive Director upon arrival.
    • Sell beer, wine, soda and bottled water to guests.
    • Fill water pitchers.
    • Take money and make change.
    • Check with seated guests during dinner and intermission to see if they want beverages.
    • Replenish the stock behind the bar if there is time.
    • After the show, take out trash and cardboard from behind the bar.
For volunteering, you will enjoy a meal and see the whole show for FREE!!!

Our Actors

Olde Towne Theatre has over 100 actors who have donated their time and talents to our organization!  They are such an important part of what makes our shows a success!